Bali Soap Nuts

Laundry soap that grows on trees!

Dried berries from the tree Sapindus Mukorossi are a great alternatie to chemical laundry detergents.

These berries contain Saponin, a natural soap like compound. For centuries, many Asian cultures have utilized these fruits for bathing and laundry soap.

Each package comes with instructions, a small cloth bag, and about 60 nuts


Pro tip:

Soap nuts require the use of hot water, which many of us do not use for laundry. As a substitute, we placed the nuts (and baggie) in a jar, we boiled water and poured it in and let it sit to create a soap mixture that can be added to the laundry load.

Once the nuts have been used for laundry a few times, there is still enough cleanser in them for dishes or even to wash your hair!

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