Bath Bomb Bag

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 Treat yourself, your skin, and your nostrils

Packaged in bags of 3
One scent per bag 

DIRECTIONS: Banish partners and children. Run a deliciously warm tub. Once full, drop bath bomb in and allow it to fizzle and release nourishing cocoa butter and soothing baking soda. Slide into the tub, lean back, breathe in the dreamy aromas, and relax!


The Balance uplifting Lemon and Lime, soothing Lavender and Geranium, and earthy Patchouli. Let the blend of cocoa butter, coconut oil and grapeseed oil moisturize your skin while the scent calms your mind and relieves stress, allowing you to centre deep into your core. A soak with this bath bomb will help to open up your crown and third eye chakras and reap the full benefits of your bath time.

The comforting sweetness of freshly baked oatmeal cookies fills the air, as the scent of this Honey Therapy Bath Bomb envelopes you like a hug from a friend. Honey Therapy is simple, calming and doesn’t ask anything of you.

Unwind your mind and breathe in peace. The Zen Lotus Bath Bomb will lift you out of the chatter in your mind, and into your favourite warm, relaxing and rejuvenating space — a calm beach, or maybe a soothing spa. Delicately sweet and gently uplifting, this lovely citrus floral is a subtle scent and an all-around favourite with customers.