Father's Day Option 1 - Here Comes Cool Dad!

$115.00 CAD

Celebrate Father's Day with Rebel Petal curated gift boxes for the dad in your life! Just click and then collect for curbside pick up.

Here are the little goodies in Option #1 - Here Comes Cool Dad!

1. Ice stones - These un-meltable ice cubes are made from granite and can be reused again and again. Put the ice stones into the freezer at least one hour before use. Using 2 to 3 per drink will keep it cold and not diluted. Each set comes in a black velvet bag for easy storage.

2. TWO pairs of Men's Blue Q Crew Socks are woven with luxurious combed cotton for softness, nylon for strength, and a touch of spandex for long lasting fun! 1% of the sale of every Blue Q sock supports the humanitarian work of Doctors Without Borders.

3.  Lavatory Mist -That was outstanding! You did it! And well! REALLY well! How do you feel? Amazing? Spritz Spritz! Scented with Lavender, Lemon and Moss.

4. Mint flavored gum....

5.  Say ahhh! Better Grip for Better Brushing! Say bye to bland brushes lazing around the bathroom sink because these babies are fun, AND they mean business!The grip is super comfortable, with a broad shape that really lets you control the angle of brushing. Packaged with recycled plastic and sustainably sourced paper. Blue Q donates 1% of sales to Doctors Without Borders.

6. Steph the Grilling Gourmet is a master in the kitchen and he has shared some of homemade secret ingredients with us! Even better? 100% of proceeds go to Camp Misquah! These blends are low in sodium, all natural, small batch, and made with fresh ingredients.

Meditalian Rub:
This rub is reminiscent of Italian herbs with distinctive Mediterranean undertones. This light herbal rub adds no heat and is pleasing to all palates. It can also be added to soups for a lovely flavour. This rub is best on chicken, fish and vegetables. 

7. "Will Cook for Canadian Beer"This playful, patriotic tea towel features the words “will cook for…”, above the unmistakeable image of a 24-pack box of beer. Designed by Canadian designer Wendy Tancock. 

8. Say it with sass AND flowers! Made with love in Canada.