Grilling Gourmet Dry Rubs

$15.00 CAD

Steph the Grilling Gourmet is a master in the kitchen and he has shared some of homemade secret ingredients with us!

Even better? 100% of proceeds go to Camp Misquah!

These blends are low in sodium, all natural, small batch, and made with fresh ingredients.

Simply apply a small amount (2-3 tsp. per pound) to your meat, fish or vegetables and proceed to grill, fry or oven roast.  It is best if you let your meat marinate a few hours in the refrigerator, or better left overnight to let all the flavours of the dry rub penetrate the meat fully.

Available in four flavours:

Cajun Rub:
Blended with hot peppers, garlic and other ingredients, this is the spiciest one of all. Designed for those who like it hot, this rub will satisfy the need for heat but will deliver a dynamic flavor not usually found in very spicy rubs. This rub is suitable for all meats, fish, soups and gumbos.

Meditalian Rub:

This rub is reminiscent of Italian herbs with distinctive Mediterranean undertones. This light herbal rub adds no heat and is pleasing to all palates. It can also be added to soups for a lovely flavour. This rub is best on chicken, fish and vegetables.

Sweet Red Rub: 
The original rub that started it all. The most versatile rub with a complex taste, a bold and distinctive sweet flavor to start and ending with a touch of heat. Made with paprika and Demerara sugar as its main ingredients. It is a multipurpose rub good for all meats.

Cocoajava Rub - ONE remaining of this limited edition dry rub. Custom blend of spices, brown sugar and coffee!