Smudge Sticks

Smudging is a Universal practice known to religions throughout the world! Smudging is a way to become centered and focused as the smoke is washed over you.

Here at Rebel Petal we have created and cured our own unique smudge sticks. They have been packaged with love and include an intention and information sheet.

Sage purifies air and dispels negative energy. It can also improve sleep quality and ease anxiety.

Rosemary clears negative energy to purify air and aura.

Lavender clears the mind and brings peace and healing to the home. 

Eucalyptus brings fresh energy to situations, heals regrets and worries, and relieves mental exhaustion.

Light the stick until is smolders without flame. Spread the smoke over yourself first, then over what it is you are cleansing. 

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