Women's Crew Socks

Women's Blue Q Crew Socks are woven with luxurious combed cotton for softness, nylon for strength, and a touch of spandex for long lasting fun!

1% of the sale of every Blue Q sock supports the humanitarian work of Doctors Without Borders.


Assholes Everywhere
Being Normal Was Boring
Bike Path
Bitch I Am Relaxed
Busy Making A Difference
Fuck Off I'm Reading
Fuck This Shit.
Get the Hell Out of My Kitchen
Go Away I'm Introverting
Here Comes Trouble
I Don't Care, I'm High
I Fucking Love It Out Here (Trees)
I Fucking Love It Out Here (Garden)
I Gave A Fuck. Once.
I Hate Everyone Too
I Love My Asshole Kids
I Never Fart
I'm a Delicate Fucking Flower
I'm Shy? No Shit
In Loving Memory Of Sleep
Motherfucking Girl Power
My Cat is Cool as Fuck
My Dog is Cool as Fuck
My Favorite Salad is Wine
Namaste You Guys
People I Love: Cats
People I Want to Meet: Dogs
Proud Plant Mom
Queen Of Bitch Mountain
Ringmaster of the Shit Show
Shhh. I'm Over Thinking
The Ocean Gets Me
This Meeting is Bullshit
You Crafty Bitch

Rebel Petal is located in Ottawa, Ontario and ships across Canada.

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