Using & Caring for Your Abeego

See the many ways Abeego can be used in and around your kitchen with our videos, care guide and useful tips. 

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How to Use & Care for Your Abeego


For the love of cheese.

Remove cheese from the packaging it came in and wrap it in an appropriately sized Flat.

Half cut.

Form Abeego around the cut side of your avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, onions and pretty much any fruit or vegetable you need to keep. Pineapple has been known to eat Abeego, it is best stored in dish topped with a Flat.

Rise dough, rise.

The material is insulating and breathable so it is a perfect cover for rising bread dough. It is also suitable for covering fermenting foods such as yogurt, kefir and butter milk.

We like it saucy too.

The coating is fluid resistant, so moisture will not leak through the actual fabric. Sauce may add a bit of color to the patina.

A bit about meat.

Cold cuts and cooked meat on your sandwiches are friends of Abeego. Place leftover meat and raw meat in a dish, cover and store in the refrigerator. We suggest avoiding direct contact with raw meat.

Frozen food. 

Abeego is happy to help out around the freezer for the short-term jobs. A month is the limit. It leaves long term freezing up to the other guys.

Storing your storage.

Roll or fold Abeego and keep in with your other food packaging or in your linen drawer. Keep between cutting boards to store flat.

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A little love will ensure a lasting relationship with your Abeego. With proper care, you can expect your Abeego to last over a year.

Tips on How to Care for your Abeego Products

Hand-wash Abeego in COLD water and eco-friendly dish soap.

In COLD water the beeswax coating will be stiff, providing a stable surface to clean. Abeego washes like a plate, not a piece of fabric. It can handle a light scrub with a gentle dishcloth or sponge.

For a heavily soiled Abeego or if you have many to wash, run a bit of COLD water in your sink, add soap and immerse your Abeegos. Wash them like regular dishes. Do not let them soak for a prolonged period of time.

Dry your freshly washed Abeego with a towel for immediate use or place over a dish rack. Do not wring.

Biodegradable, alcohol-free soap is the best.

Tree resin and beeswax are soluble in alcohol. Check the ingredient list of your dish soap. If alcohol is in the first 5 ingredients it is too harsh for Abeego. If there are no ingredients listed and the manufacturer will not disclose them, consider replacing the soap with a suitable option.

Here are a few of Abeegos favourite soaps:

Stains and creases are normal. We consider it character.

All materials used are natural so deeply pigmented foods may contribute to the personality of your Abeego. You can minimize staining by rinsing Abeego in cold water shortly after food has been removed. Avoid prolonged contact with oily or greasy foods.

A word about heat. 

Abeego is not suitable for the dishwasher, microwave oven, direct heat or high temperatures.

Allow food to cool slightly before covering and avoid placing hot food directly on your Abeego. Keep away from all sources of heat and open flame.

Cutting your Abeego.

We recommend you avoid the temptation to cut your Abeego unless you really need to. Abeego is most functional in its full size. You can always over-wrap an item.  It is your old relationship with plastic wrap that makes you think you have to cut your Abeego to fit the exact item you are storing. You are going to have your Abeego for a long time so keeping it in its full size will let you use it over and over on many sizes and shapes. If you do decide it must be cut use a rotary blade or very sharp scissors to create a clean cut.

Abeego is fabric and the edges are not finished. The wax coating holds all the fibers of the fabric together. Over time you may notice little frays around the edges. Trim them up with a rotary blade or sharp scissors.  

Abeego is self-adhesive. You don’t have to wet it.

The combination of beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil that coats the hemp and cotton fabric is very malleable at room temperature. It can adhere to virtually any solid food or container, so there is no need to wet it before you use it. Out of the package, your Abeego is ready to go. 

In the fridge, your Abeego becomes stiff and holds its new shape. A return to room temperature will soon soften it.

People often ask us if Abeego stick to the dish like Press n Seal. They want to know if they can turn their bowl upside down and keep the contents inside. Our response is, not likely. Abeego sticks to itself not the item it’s wrapping. So if you want to flip your bowl over and test it out, we recommend doing so over a soft absorbent surface, like grass.

Order Yours Now: Available in 
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