Horseplay: True Crime Memoir

$22.00 CAD

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A deeply compelling novel by a local Manotick resident Norm Boucher! 

If you're looking for a good read that will hold you the whole way, this is it.

About the book:
It is 1983 and the War on Drugs is intensifying. Undercover operator Norm Boucher recounts eight months spent infiltrating Vancouver’s heroin scene, a world of paranoia, ripoffs, and violence. From his barroom observer's seat, Boucher candidly reveals the lives of heroin addicts who spend each day looking for their next hit. Their dangerous subculture, centred around three gritty hotels on the Granville Strip, becomes Boucher’s domain as he attempts both to gain acceptance in a world far removed from his own and to keep himself safe.
Based on true events, decorated RCMP officer Norm Boucher takes readers back to the assignment that shaped his outlook on the role of criminal law enforcement and the human side of addiction as it collides with the ruthlessness of the drug business.


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